In the morning, when everybody is talking and fussing about the next main events, a family that wants to spend time together is the perfect place for a family night, where all the members can enjoy the atmosphere and light that is giving to a family room.

Lollipop House is a concept project that was realized by Patrick E.F. Mindell architects. It’s actually a live-work restaurant that also serves to be rented. The project was not expensive and was actually a very clever solution. It allows the guests to feel closer to the nature from the dining area.

Llama In My Living Room Nightcore Photo 2

The theme chosen for the project was the “living to be explored”. It’s a theme that Priscilla Priscilla of the design team for this project was inspired by. The restaurant is very romantic and it’s also very pleasant and inviting. It has a very friendly look and that was exactly part of the main concept and the designers’ starting principles. The main idea behind this project was to create a warm, welcoming and romantic environment, probably the most important of these concerns being the contrasts.{picture credit Artichiani Germani via burakisthike}.

Llama In My Living Room Nightcore Photo 3