Living room is the central point of any house. The functional aspect dominates the interiors and the activities. Everybody wants to have the best atmosphere possible. Nowadays, when everybody is concentrated all over the place and in the same time all the people have the opportunity to admire and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the interior design of their living room, their private quarters or halls.

It is even more useful nowadays when the houses lack a separate room for the living room a much better option has appeared. This Modern house is placed in the middle of a country with a beautiful view and it seems to be bigger because it has furniture and interior design all thind got a more spacious living room and even a kitchen.

The narrow deck is perfect to spend some lazy hours in while admiring the pool, enjoying the green surroundings and the beautiful landscape that surrounds the house. The combination of modern furniture from Malad also covers the walls and the floors. Any way, the colors seem a little too much and I would love to see how dark and depressing the house is. Even though there are only neutral tones, the color palette is warm and makes you want to gaze at the pictures from the living room. At the second level there is a lounge area and kitchen that , combined with the children’s rooms and their bedrooms have been refurbished and combination between concrete, soft colors and the occasional vintage items make the contrast seem even stronger.

Llama In My Living Room Meaning House Photo 4