Living room is the most important room in the house. It’s where the family meets and everyone wants to go. So it has to look beautiful and elegant. However, there’s not need to be a very big contrast there. You just need to find a suitable way of distinguishing between the two spaces.

Living room is usually a relatively small space, especially if you have a double-height ceiling. It needs to feel cozy and inviting and a good way of doing that is by using beautiful textures and by including a variety of textures into the décor. Chyvek has a wonderful idea for this type of decors. First of all, the chyvek collection you see here was designed for living rooms. It’s called chyvek and it’s a very beautiful and cozy fabric collection.

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The goal for this collection was to create a warm and comfortable environment for the family. This space needed to feel comfortable so features such as dining chairs and benches that can be used as anything else are usually included. The dining room would have to be the most simple area. It would be a simple and cozy space. However, if, for example, the dining room could be turned into a cozy home office by a unique desk, chair or conference table. It’s a simple and creative solution. Chyvek would also be a versatile choice for a modern or contemporary interior.

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