This lovely apartment belongs to Christiane Lizawsky and Christian Brandtan. They are both teachers in the church and have been living there since the 10th century. They were also part of the young family tradition and they really wanted to adapt the place to their new lives. They came up with a new plan. They wanted the apartment to be empty and to be full of life for them and for their children.

In collaboration with interior designer Karim Rashid, they have decided to build an open studio space. They currently only have it ready for the support network they employed at their company and it is their first home. They’ve managed to create an open studio space and to create all sorts of useful and functional spaces. They designed a common work/conference room with bespoke plywood furniture.

Situated in the office building, the conference office is fully restructured. It also includes a dining area and a lounge, a common space for the entire family as well as some spaces for business meetings and public events. The space is quite small and can only accommodate a few chairs. Nevertheless, it’s a great space and a very nice office to get some work done.

The conference office is not overly large and it still offers most of the facilities. However, it doesn’t feel very inviting. It’s a very friendly and cozy space, perfect for relaxation and get-togethers. The overall interior design is simple and it features wood as the main materials and the walls. It’s a common contrast throughout. Still, there’s not a lot of contrast in the rooms, the furniture being all simple.{found on designsponge}.