This is a living room with wood stove, where the occupants can feel the warmth of the wood in the same time. The fireplace is very practical and functional, similar to a kitchen. The leather chairs really make the space feel cozy. They are comfortable, easy to move around and easy to find new uses for. Wood is a material that always offers us warmth and war is never a bad thing. It keeps us warm even during winter.

Leather is also a great material to use when a fireplace design is not enough. It is used particularly because it adds elegance and beauty to the design. The living room and dining room are also an example of how a fireplace can add depth to a room. It is subtle and specific to certain areas. It adds a warm color to the room, creating a symbol and a background for those living there.

The living room and the dining room usually share the same fireplace. They can also have separate private areas. In this case, the fireplace is a very nice idea. It is a neutral color that basically the same as the rest of the décor. This living room and the dining room are very cozy. The wooden flooring add warmth to the décor while the chandelier is another recurrent element.

A similar idea would be to choose a similar color for the rest of the décor. So you could also color-block the whole room with a single sofa and maybe even some additional chairs and use a patterned area rug for the rest. This will add texture and, at the same time, it will create a casual décor, with a relaxed look. However, there’s also the possibility of removing some elements in order to use the rug and other similar elements inside the living room.