When decorating the living room, in order to obtain a harmonious décor you often want to use colorful accent features. Usually they are difficult to work with because there’s not a lot of space to work with. You have to be very clever and to use everything you have without wasting time on all sorts of things. In the case of the living room, there are several options you can choose from. Today we’re going to focus on a particularly interesting and elegant example.

This is a living room that’s part of an open floor plan that also has a dining room. It features flush cabinets in a warm but not necessarily very inviting color. The living room has a modern interior décor with beige walls, grey details for the ceiling, a grey sofa and a modern fireplace. The combination of colors is not bad but it does require careful balance and proper placement.

The sofa is facing the fireplace, in this case because of the height of the wooden ceiling. But, when you look at this particular section of the living room, you realize it’s not the only one of them. The chair is also a very nice choice. The room has a classical design, not colorful at all. Nevertheless, it’s graceful and elegant.

Living Room With White Trim And Comfy Chair Photo 3

Notice that rustic beauty of this fireplace. The fireplace is also black and white and it features stainless steel appliances, a modern look that matches those that surround it.

The bedroom also has classic and classical details. This one even has a pine and fir headboard. The brown fur matches the trim on the wooden floor. Overall, the color scheme is simple and tasteful. It’s also not as warm as the other rooms so it would be a nice room to where you relax and have a nice warm and comfortable interior.{found on apartmenttherapy}.