If you live in a place where cold always seem to dominate even the coldest of houses, you’re going to love this little corner with the wall mounted fireplace. Not only it looks chic, it can change the face on a cold day. And if that’s not a trendy fireplace design enough for you, it also changes the mood. Take a look at this modern and stylish corner.

The square black fireplaces add warmth to a house and make it a warm and welcoming space to be in. And also impress your guests with your personal drawing or creating a beautiful design for the house.

The built in fireplace gives a cozy feeling to the room. And the black and white combination is always fashionable and beautiful.

Living Room With Wall Mounted Fireplace – Sleek Modern Interior In Simple Style Even The Cold Days Photo 3

The contrast between black and white fireplaces always get fashionable again. This bedroom is not at all pretentious. It looks great and the black fireplace is simply beautiful.

This hallway is simply perfect. The built in fireplace is the perfect element to finish off the room with. The carpet matches the window views and the carpet is the perfect accessory to the room with that beautiful hanging fireplace.

Living Room With Wall Mounted Fireplace – Sleek Modern Interior In Simple Style Even The Cold Days Photo 5

The dining room is perfect for dinner time. The beautiful white chairs is simply stunning. The kitchen is another fine example of beautiful modern design. The white cabinets is simply gorgeous and the wooden floors bring everything together.

The bedroom is also a room of great personality. The low ceilings add to the airy feeling of the room, and the beautiful butterfly wallpaper is simply perfection.

See the yellow and brown hanging chairs and the stunning light fixtures, and I think they should be paired with those gorgeous blue curtains.

The dining room is simply stunning. The white walls is crisp. The dining table is simply stunning. There are chairs just like any other table. And they are all from the best of customers. If you are going for a modern and sleek mix then the black leather dining chairs at your disposal are absolutely must have choice. [From: Daisuke Shima]