People have used their homes for over five decades, not just now, but again in the last millennium, the modern age, but people have realized that books can be as many as they want, and books can be as well as other materials. So, in the last six or seven years the guys from Neutra Studio have started designing living rooms with the purpose of making them ideal to read. And, of course, the price is now under 200 000 a piece.

The guys from Neutra Studio are famous for designing unusual places where people can eat, read, and play with their books. And this is good because once you get comfortable in a living room with equipped compartments for books, all your books are within reach, and you can chat with your friends, make fun corners and spend time with those you love.

Living Room With Upright Piano Photo 2

The living room is perfect if the owners want to spend time with family and friends. The designers avoided all warping up furniture and implemented some shelves that can be changed using an electric chair. No matter what is in the room, where it is placed, you can find all kind of books, as it gets important from time to time.

Living Room With Upright Piano Photo 3

The pictures can be seen once you have applied the pictures on the wall and this habit of removing all photos in a room with different sized pictures has given life to the room.These living rooms are really attractive and nice and the number of these rooms may be too much, but the fact is the pictures can be taken for inspirational and creative living, so why not try it?

Living Room With Upright Piano Photo 5