This is the South coast bar cart. It’s actually a decoration that also serves as a cabinet and even as a bookcase. It has a simple and casual design and it features two chrome-plated iron features that make this cart elegant and sophisticated. The bookshelves usually have only one shelf and this usually means more storage space but it can also incorporate a variety of additional storage compartments.

The South coast bar cart is a very clever piece of furniture that allows you to keep all your drinks within reach. It actually features two removable shelves that run through the bar, one on each side. And since you’ll be using it for a variety of occasions then you won’t have to hand off the contents. The two shelves and the cart are very clever and they can be used to store and organize 12 bottles. Of course, because you’ll be using it for bar cart stuff, the space that you have available will never get to be used for anything so make sure to have plenty of space for this little addition. Moreover, since it has that subtle vintage feel, it’s a great choice for a young family. The cabinet has been equipped with stereo attenuated shelves that act like a shelf and they can also be used for storage. You can purchase this unique piece for $225.

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