This is the perfect corner for enjoying some quiet moments and talking with your friends and family. It’s a modern piece of furniture, with a simple and elegant design and a neutral color palette. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. The sofa has white legs and a pure and balanced shape. The perfect example would be the living room designed by Lilian Milpas & Abe and features an exquisite combination of colors.

The combination of white and brown is very common at this particular point but it doesn’t mean you have to be less careful with the details. This corner is lovely. The sofa has white legs that are very similar to white belts and white fabrics. Still, there’s a clear contrast there. The sofa features a very practical and functional storage unit known as the tray which also includes a small shelf for displaying smaller items.

The living room designed by Olga Akulova got a very simplified décor. It’s also a color scheme that maintains all the wood pieces from the décor. There’s also a wood wall section and a wood-paneled wall section that are used in combination with the white leather sofas and upholstered chairs.

Another detail designed to keep the décor simple and minimalist is the patented pelele lighting system. The system allows almost all the furniture to be built by simply adding a small area rug. Since this type of design is not what some of the other ones presented so far, it was only an innovation in itself.

In this case, however, the attention to details is amazing. The area rug that instantly seen as a focal point is the suspended shelf. It has been integrated into a sort of structure that separates the living room from the entrance but, at the same time, makes it the star and the centerpiece of the room. It’s hard to say with confidence which portion of the room it’s from.

The best about the living room that designed by Majorca Wett is the fact that it maintains the same simple and neutral palette as the rest of the décor. The colors are chosen according to the main theme, with warm and domestic colors. One of the most important ones is the serene and quiet look chosen by the living room in this case.

One of the most serene and beautiful colors used in this living room is the turquoise. It’s the color chosen for the walls and the furniture, combined with the natural wood and its almost pastel look. The turquoise is just one of the beautiful colors chosen for the room.

One of the most serene and beautiful colors used for a living room is actually a dining room. In here the colors are only used for décor so they are not crazy colors to use in bedrooms. They are just what a bedroom needs. A bedroom can be simple and cozy at the same time. In this case, the turquoise was a very nice choice.The rest of the décor is also simple, being monochromatic and very beautiful. The living room is the main space. It’s a very peaceful and calm area so all the colors and patterns and the decorations are just perfect. The big window lets in plenty of natural light and it’s also beautifully decorated.{pics by Carl Jeff Jones}