It’s always very interesting when a house or apartment manages to communicate the views of its inhabitants through the front door. But it’s difficult to convince each one to get what it wants. However, when you manage to make the front door to suit your house and apartment it makes sense to make it slide open.

This beautiful living room is one of the spaces that represent a perfect combination between good taste, practicality and modern technology. The living room got a customized sliding glass door that is more like a decoration.The thing that makes this whole idea special is the fact that you can slide the door and make it a part of the wall from the rest of the rooms.

Living Room With Sliding Glass Door Photo 2

The sliding glass door provides a variety of support for the TV room and also a nice and unique visual barrier. The kitchen can also be considered a separate room, even though this one is usually decorated with white. Although the kitchen is decorated with white, we can discover the element that suggests the cocktail party in bright tones of red and blue, for example this turquoise bar window is the focal point of the whole room. The big decorative details of the living room are on silver and gold and they create a chic and modern image and help the room to be more functional as well.

As we were able to mention, the living room is the main area for entertaining but also more than that. There are a lot of tables where you can accommodate a couple of guests and also a dining table which can be turned into a bar. The color palette in this case is friendly and includes tones of cream, blue, red, pink and yellow.