Having all the info at your fingertips is very practical. It’s why having a mobile TV is not as convenient as it probably is. However, having a place where you can actually look and work is not exactly a bad thing. The room designed by Cecconi Simone Inc. seems to be the perfect combination of all these things. The company was founded in 1995 and was passionate about home decoration and very proud to present the success of its work.

The living room was designed with all the necessary features and elements thus allowing the owner to basically interact with the others and to feel like a child. This is not just a living room but a work area. It has large sliding doors, a wall with shelves and a computer that can also be used as a desk. The sofa designed by Dennis and Justine is also wrapped in a screen strip.

The alternating T-shaped sofa with the expansive and dynamic sofa and armchair and the framed wall and highlighted by the framed portrait are just amazing. They’re also a modern adaptation of the portrait. The lack of decoration also comes from the monotony of the décor. The large windows allow natural light to get through and this makes the room feel more spacious. The balance between the gallery wall behind the sofa and the framed portrait is maintaining and natural. The large black and white artwork is an unexpected accent piece that brings the décor together, creating a strong contrast with the color palette used throughout.

Living Room With No Tv And An Awesome Multi-functional Workstation Photo 4