When decorating the living room, the idea is to create a harmonious space, that infuse the room with simplicity, freshness, coziness. This is what you get with several doors instead of just one. This living room is extremely beautiful. The only thing that makes it so wonderful and cheerful is represented by the large windows.

The windows provide natural light as well as a soft natural glow. They create a very nice green background that makes the room feel more inviting. The furniture, in general, is either white or a classic. Nevertheless, the décor is impeccable, the accent pieces a combination of decorative things like the colorful pillows and the chairs relaxing the eye sore eyes. Furthermore, the combination of old and new is very beautiful and gender me, quite often. In order to create a combination that isn’t masculine, a flowery pattern is often used, like that beautiful, delicate clouds that make a summer house so special.

Living Room With Multiple Doors And Windows Photo 2

As I was saying earlier, this living room is incredibly inviting. The accent wall is the most wonderful feature because it brings something fresh and fresh inside. A mirror and a potted plant are just some decorative items that stand out. The big brown leather armchairs and the playful Egg chair contrast with the wall and floor and there’s also an oversized Jewelry brooch that completes the whole image.

Living Room With Multiple Doors And Windows Photo 4