The designer Fabio Gianoli has created a very fresh and modern living room full of contrasts. This design attempts to bring the outdoors in by introducing natural elements like the green sofa and plants located inside the sofa. They create a fresh and fresh design full of life for the eye. It is also a nice and relaxing way of decorating a living room.The designer plays with both texture and color in order to fit perfectly the pieces you choose for your home.

For example a green sofa or pouf would be a very good choice for any modern and contemporary living room. In this example the whole room is decorated in earth tones, including the wooden floors and the green sofa and plants placed on top. They provide a nice backdrop for the sofa and poufs. The plants are organic and fresh and they don’t lack color either.To begin of all there in case you ask me, why not combine nature and design and create something unique and original in your house by using all these elements to look like one big piece? Fabio Gianoli, owner of Fabio Gianoli Design, is perfectly talented with classics as well as any drawing of something. As you can see from the pictures what this sofa has in common: the fact that it has a strong base, which means that the low back falls abruptly and a great part of the base gets sprayed with water, resulting in a very soothing and relaxing image.

In order to create the effect of barely-there vertical garden in this living room the walls and the ceiling were painted white and the source of light is the wide floor lamp, who played with a horizontal image when you look at the tree that surrounds the sofa. I also love the paintings that cover almost the entire wall: the distressed white, the distressed wood, the two organically placed lampcases and the leafs that together with the base decorations make the difference. Perfect for a modern living room this sofa has a lot of accessories that definitely can make your remember.

Living Room With Green Sofa And Plants By Fabio Gianoli Photo 3