Having a living room that is connected to the fireplace and the TV is definitely a dream come true. It is the first thing that your mind would start to picture when you are in your for a coffee and then imagine how wonderful you used to be a family like this. Well, it is a sad story but who can resist to see what kind of atmosphere it has in our house? Personally I love the living room where the fireplace is the only piece of decoration that creates a warm and charming atmosphere.

The TV was installed on the outside wall and it is nicely shelving, just like in the middle of the living room. The room is filled with natural plants that create a pleasant atmosphere and they don’t have to be invasive in any way. The room is beautifully decorated with wooden pieces and the small painting on the wall just above the fireplace adds warmth to the entire atmosphere.

Two large mat trees create a transition between the living room and the jacuzzi tub. The dark wooden floor also has a strong visual connection with the floor and the floor and the mat tree. The tub tree is very natural as it represents a cuboid structure that contains all the elements that are usually missing from a bathroom. The tub tree, natural and artificial, goes on from the living room an creates a very warm place because the fireplace is very close to it.

Living Room With Fireplace And Tv On Opposite Walls – Design Unity Is Not A Challenge Photo 3

The walls in the living room are covered with paintings, paintings of all covers, which are a great idea for a shared living room. And the picture of the big tree above the fireplace does not sit perfectly, like most people imagine. After all, there are many trees that look like that and can be seen in the room.

I like the large and colourful paintings that cover almost entirely, especially if they are paintings of popular art paintings. The bigger and red painting near the window says a lot about the barcel there. Perhaps the smaller picture above the fireplace refers the Japanese philosophy, but it is all about love.{pics by phone}.

Living Room With Fireplace And Tv On Opposite Walls – Design Unity Is Not A Challenge Photo 5