Living rooms are usually very bright and open but, with a fireplace, you can enjoy the whole entertainment on the patio or maybe in the kitchen area, where you can enjoy a nice cold drink with your friends without having to get out of the house. Designing the living room with your choice of fireplace is the perfect choice when you want to highlight the warm glow from the fireplace or when you simply want to create something cozy in the dark without using colors.

The fireplace is the element that can give the cozy atmosphere a warm feel. It’s why this element had to be perfectly chosen. In order to create that effect, the colored panels were sued throughout the room. Overall, it’s a colorful, cozy and inviting living room with a fireplace and a TV and sofa without a TV.

As we all know, a fireplace is the symbol of cozyness and it’s why it’s not something you can use on very often but more like a detail in your home. It’s also why colorful or fun themes and artwork are a great choice for such a décor. Take a look at this one for example. It has a cheerful color theme and it doesn’t suit a modern décor since the fireplaces have a traditional look.

You could also create a more colorful but cozy interior but not for the ones that need it because the atmosphere needs to be extra warm and cozy. For that you could use an area with wooden floors, not so on the floor but on the walls. The colors you choose are very important in this case. The texture and design need to be delicate and the warmth needs to warm everything beautifully. Also, you should consider a contemporary interior design. Maybe you can come up with a more complex idea.

Of all the elements mentioned in the first part of this article, wither those elements necessarily combine with other materials or colors and or colors produced by the fire, a liquid or a mixture of both, or at least this is how it looks now. These are some of wither ideas or alternatives that have become part of our creative process where color is the element that keeps things interesting for a change.

Photos courtesy of Make Design Studio