Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik has created a very interesting living room combination. This room has been designed from a different viewpoint than I expected. I mean there’s nothing wrong with this view, as long as one maintains certain simplistic rules. As part of the entertainment concept, the living room combines a modern style with some antique and rustic elements.

As a living room, this living room is filled completely with natural light and the room itself also gets a mix of vintage and even an antique touch given by the designer’s choice of wall covering ideas and some accessories. Also, the chandelier hanging from the ceiling creates another interesting light effect in the room.

The designer’s soothing color palette balances out the whole sophisticated design. Also, there seems to be a very nice balance of materials and textures. Everything is relatively simple and elegant, including the brass chandelier, the richest wood floors, and the modern chandelier. The chandelier is really a work of art. It has an intricate design and combines a variety of styles, with a modern touch that lends a touch of style to the otherwise very simple design.{found on stylizimo}.

Living Room With Brown Sectional Sofa And Gothic Chandelier Photo 3