This room is a combination of modern and vintage. It has a design that tries to go back to the origins. It has salvaged from a crumbling home and incorporated here, as well, with modern and industrial elements.

The room has vintage furniture both inside and out and the doors that were painted in salvaged yellow. The walls have been faithfully decorated, in order to make it feel like a home. It’s a combination of colors and textures that adds a classical touch to the old and the mismatched rooms.

Of course, the living room is the place where the TV is placed and the sitting area consists of both sitting bags and chairs. This makes it a central piece of the home. The whole space has a very distinctive look. It resembles a cozy nest, a place where one can relax and chill as the wind blows and where everyone can see the scene from the set of a movie. In a way, it’s like a private room, a place where everybody is welcome, but not where you might take something very cozy and fun.{found on presence hotspot}.