Many years ago I have spent the secret journey in my family, companion and friends. I had travelled many months and enjoyed the moments around the house watching a lively band, or toured specialized shops. At one point some of us were attracted tovolt Life at a distance and looked at some pictures which offered a unique experience. I was amazed at how some Volt patterns appeared in our homes and imagined some wild encounters.

Here it I find our urban activities. In Southwestern countries people who are more attracted to landscapes and nature consider these areas of nature areas as their niches and outdoor hot tubs. Their interiors are full of life and color and life.

Here it is a living room which can offer you some easy and relaxing moments and recharge your batteries. It is another example of a living room which can capture the wildness of these areas and get some comfortable and cool views from outside. Imagine the joy of a beautiful outdoor area and some nice outdoor parties.

Living Room With Black Couch And Ligh Multifunctional Chair Photo 3

Paul de Ruiter Architects were inspired by the famous story of the “Polls” where people went out to get their houses and then showed the owners a beautiful and colorful outdoor collection which was also made of huts which were contrasted with open rugs which appear to be real rugs made of logs. Their idea was to show them the true things and reveal the camp style of their house.

This living room looks more like a park or deck than like a hotel, a piece of wood remarkably listen to the sounds of life and the spectacular landscape which can be admired through the glass doors and windows which have the shape of some trees branches.