In the living room, a living room will always look more elegant and it will also have an airy and intimate décor. The usual things that usually go normally in the living room are some sofa and chairs, some small tables or stools, maybe a coffee table as well. However, there is one room that is not usually combined with any objects. That is the living room. This room is not fancy or dramatic. It’s simple and minimalist and it also has an elegant.

In fact, this living room looks very neat and simple. The TV is mounted on the wall and it’s black. This offers the perfect background for the TV and it also hides the fireplace too. The furniture, in this case, is minimalist and features sleek legs that beautifully complements the décor. The floor has a very beautiful texture, it’s covered with beautifully colored and funny-looking pieces and it’s a little weird to see a black wall, but it’s a great addition. The living room looks very clean and fresh, airy and has an almost open décor. It also has lots of natural light, just large enough to get your eyes Rapunto.

Living Room With Black And White Rug Photo 2

The sofa perfectly matches the TV and the way they both frame the beautiful white walls. The whole picture is very harmonious. The color palette is calm and beautiful and the decorations are very classy and sophisticated. Among all the elements that bring the atmosphere into this room, there are the wooden floor and the many decorative elements, also painted in white or gray. You can see items such as mirrors, photos and mirrors that create floating stairs and a particularly interesting detail is the shield of the curtain that has been painted in a very Pury door color.

Living Room With Black And White Rug Photo 3