Winter is really hot and when it is cold outside you can just melt into the snow and melt away for a while while while while you avoid all that bad, coldness. And when you do get some, it’s not always good to look for something new and fresh, especially in modern products and houses. So the next best thing is already planning the decorations for your living room window. They are definitely interesting and inspiring and if you already have some good looking items, great to look at you from home, now it’s time to take a look at the decorations.

There are several styles you should have in your choice before you actually give up and you should look for styles like bohemian or complicated. Make sure it’s all very simple but not like a bunch of hacks. If you want you can start with the basics and just paint a window. A plain and basic paint drip bird and you’ll be able to cover it with flower stems and driftwood pieces. Don’t forget to drill some holes in the ceiling often to make sure the lights are on.

But you don’t want the focus to be on the window and you don’t want to spread all your decorations on the window either. So what do you do based on what you actually need the window for? Well, you could use a foam wreath. The project is described on Abeautifulmess. You’ll need a foam form, some fake greenery, 4 candle tapers, 4 zip ties, 10 complimentary stickers and adhesive letters.

Living Room Windows That Open Onto A Lake Overlooking The Queen Anne Hillside Photo 2

Starters make you feel full and you may be tired of the same ones you had during the winter. So why not improve those times and try something new for your windows? The stars are an excellent option. Use them to create themed accent lighting and garlands and put them on the windows. Use candles to recreate the moon on the inside of your windows. The designs featured on Diynetwork are simple but first show you what you need to make them.

How about a rustic and cozy fireplace to help you start a fire in the corner of the living room? You could make one out of wooden boards and make a special compartment for it. To make something like this you’ll need boards or recycled wood pieces, a panel secured to the wall, plugs and bolts, ceramic joint tacks and a glue gun. {found on instructables}.

This is a 3-in-1 formal fireplace which can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It has a built-in table and a bench which can be pulled out from the table. When enjoyed outdoors, it becomes a wonderful outdoor seating nook. Making the bench and the bench legs the same in the same material is definitely viable and great. Find out more details about this on abeautifulmess.

If you want to maximize the length of your window, a good idea would be to install a special type of niche just for window treatments. It can be a shallow window sill just big enough to not let the air move while you sleep and it can also act as a sort of shade for the window above the steps, ideal if you want to avoid the window’s heavy and dark curtains. Check out these great DIY window coverings featured on 17apartfarm.

These window coverings are also great if you’re afraid that the sun will bother you and want to protect your privacy. The idea is simple and very practical. You can take these window coverings, made from dry rice, clay, string and a glue gun, and hang them onto the windowsill with twine. Find the instructions and more details about this project on littlehouseoffour.