People love to decorate their living rooms and living rooms with all sorts of tiles that are either made of stone, porcelain, marble, wood, metal and many other materials. It’s a way of spicing and making them distinguish themselves from all the other tiles that a bathroom or an indoor room has, especially if it’s in a public place, maybe not in a very sophisticated one. However, these bathroom walls are usually made of ceramic or porcelain while other types have another aesthetic appeal.

Simple and chic, the Wall Ceramiche uses wall tiles in a very chic way and they come in many attractive colors. The color palette is based on simple and neutral shades. Of course, simplicity also includes a few contrasting details like the mosaic accents that would usually be included in a bathroom’s décor. The dimensions of the tiles are quite impressive as are the vertical and horizontal patterns, the colors and the way these colors interact and complement each other.

Living Room Wall Tiles Design By Massimo Castagna Photo 2

The wall tiles come in a large variety of designs, patterns and styles. You can choose to go with a modern look that comes with elegant tiles like the one that we found in the case of the Pavuk tiles. The Scrocan wall tiles include a variety of patterns and colors and the base frame is made of metal with a series of round curved corners. The squares come in two sizes which are available in four colors: white and golden.

Then there’s also the Helical tile which comes in four sizes: 12, 13, 14 and 16. This is also the type that is both interesting and versatile. Its design combines classical shapes and strong and resistant materials in a very efficient manner. The base of the tile is made of steel and supports the hand-held extension. This allows you to adjust the height of the tile in order to obtain a particular design. Use it in the bathroom to obtain a chic and pleasant look, depending on the setting you want to set your room at.

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