People love to choose the best colored furniture, especially combined with other modern items are the modern people who try to use all things of the world in a harmonious way, so the entire world becomes a harmonious place. A red sofa set in a suggestive decal is always a good choice when you want to remember some things. A red chair in a suggestive colour, on the contrary, is a bad idea for a living room accent wall stickers.

Since I was about to share some interesting living room decals with you guys when I picked the idea, I thought I would introduce you with a very simple living room wall sticker. In this case the sticker says it all: “wall stickers made of decal paper”. It is a simple sticker that combines the simplicity of the sticker with that of a stylized image on the part of the erased line.

Since this wall sticker is very easy to apply, you can apply it anywhere that you like, but I prefer to use the outside of the walls first, in an optical communication with the white and red wall of the living room. This way I can remove red spots from the walls and the apartment without making any changes in them, which is a pretty good combination. The stickers are made of 100% natural coloured paper, so it would be a nice idea to use it on only one wall , preferably in a shared living room with a similar design. Each sticker is personalized with a plus of 100 download buttons so you can make your own 40 character stickers. Have fun crafting and creating for your home!

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