The bathroom, whether it’s smaller or large, is always an interesting space. It needs to be particularly warm and inviting in order to provide the pleasant atmosphere that modern and contemporary homes need to feel cozy. It’s why beautiful and elegant furniture is an excellent idea no matter what the style is but, even so, not all the furniture is equally beautiful and stylish. Here are a few examples that might inspire you.

If you like the bohemian and sophisticated look you might have a look at this beautiful and elegant living room design by Emma-Glass Architecture. This is an open floor plan home with a very lovely living room with a beautiful fireplace and right in the center of the ceiling. The living room is very versatile but not like other spaces. This one is actually multi-functional. it has a lovely large storage unit along the fireplace wall as well as an open kitchen area with a large table in between. That area is for entertaining as well.

Next we’ll have a look at this beautiful home that beautifully incorporates both open floor plans and smaller such as lounge areas. This is a traditional home that recently got a remodel. It was a project by NKS Architects who were inspired by the site’s historical characteristics and they managed to give it a contemporary look. The new interior design is using wood, stone and metal but always with a modern twist. Their goal was to create a house that maintains a timeless and classical look and also a very comfortable feel, that combines looks with functionality. The designers went for a contemporary look and gave the living area simplistic materials and to capitalize on the available space.

Living Room Wall Panels Interior Décor By Emma-Glass Architecture Photo 3

This is another inspiring house and this time it’s a remodel project. Like the other homes presented earlier, this one was designed for a large family. It took the designers quite some time to decide how to organize the spaces so they built this amazing house which takes full advantage of its location and in particular the views. The facades are erected at a maximum of 6.3 meters (21 feet) high and this is allowed to avoid flooding.

Living Room Wall Panels Interior Décor By Emma-Glass Architecture Photo 4

The floor plan is as charming as ever and features a kitchen, dining area, cozy bedrooms with colors inspired by the outdoors. There are also 6 more bedrooms in here, all featuring bold tones of blue and earthy tones. The living room shares an open plan with the kitchen and each of these areas forms a separate space. The bedroom hall is a cozy nook in particularly bright and open space. From up here the panorama is simply stunning

The house as a whole is compact and very beautiful, taking advantage of the surrounding views, the site’s proximity to the lake and beautiful mountains in the distance.