The days when you had a furniture arrangement in your living room are gone. Now you have a variety of options and combinations of colors, patterns and types of elements. A colored sofa in your living room seems the perfect choice for a long and narrow sofa or sectional. You might think that a white sofa is a bit too much for your décor but, in the same time, the fact that you use multiple colors in the same room will make it feel less monotonous and a contrasting piece will be more appropriate.

Nevertheless, a dark sofa can be a very elegant choice if you use plenty of small accent details. For instance, a sofa in black with light gray stripes could be a perfect choice. Also, you can also opt for a dark sofa in a dark finish. To add depth to the image, you can also opt for a bookcase or some type of storage cabinet or display place. Whatever you decide, the sofa or sectional should be uncluttered and preferably full while the cushions and pillows should be tight and in the right space.

As for the rest of the décor, you can either make a statement with a fun painting, a colorful number, an abstract picture or pattern and make sure the sofa or sectional has everything it needs to look beautiful. Whatever you decide, the final result is a subtle piece that will be perfect for your living room.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

Living Room Wall Colors For Dark Furniture Photo 4