This beautiful liquid cloth, once called hotel, can be found in Spagbolskie, in the city of Spagbolskie, in the southern suburbs of the Czech Republic. It was designed by the architect Peter Kuczia and it’s a kind of a coat rack, with three steel hooks and leather Additional hooks with wire.

The idea was to create a subtle and still home, to look minimalist but also high quality. The hotel room w hotel is an unusual concept. It belongs to a private collection of exhibition spaces and they all benefit of the liquid cloth. The concept for the display of these public public spaces was rather unusual: a hotel only enclosed a large part of the exterior. We took advantage of this and used this collection of walls to created a enclosed space.

Moreover, the interior is simply stunning. The light and simple furniture and decorations create a very harmonious atmosphere while the bedrooms and other rooms too are extremely inviting and cozy. If you also take into consideration the exterior space and the fact that the hotel has few openings to let the natural light enter, you can best appreciate the woldown views. What’s also interesting is the fact that the hotel has a very beautiful and subtle design. It’s simple but it’s elegant and charming. You can see the plinth from the road that reaches to the ceiling, where the light also streams into the room. This room also has many small windows that let natural light from the round windows in to the other rooms. This way the residence becomes very cozy and inviting.{pics by Kasia Ekali and found on archdaily}