It’s a well-known fact that kids love having furniture in the house, for their toys. It makes them feel alive and happy and the most important thing for children is to have a special place where to store all their toys. They usually choose the over sized toy chests.

This very creative solution from the Shanty gathers a cube unit with a drawer inside and a drawer out. It’s a practical solution because the Shaker furniture pieces are not functional only for toys and for small things that need to be easily accessible. This cube unit has more than just a functional interior design.Made from industrial grade pickled oak wood and laminated elm wood, it is an ingenious storage unit that keeps the kids’ toys organized and where they can have fun finding them.

The drawer is mounted horizontally on the wall. It has slots and it offers a very versatile storage area. Here’s also an example of a three-tiered piece. It’s perfect for kids that like to play with blocks or the children that like to turn their garden into a playground. The green roof also provides a wonderful environment perfect for climbing plants.Available for $459.

Living Room Toy Storage Furniture For The Kids Photo 4