The modern living room adopted the open plan approach in the design. In order to achieve that, the designer had to use as much space as possible, especially considering the extra guests that will be coming over from the “onaique”. Therefore, the first challenge was recovering the original elements that were incorporated during the design and reworking them in the living room.

Among the changes that had to be made, there was the reworking of the kitchen floor which allowed the original white kitchen cabinets and the architects to reunit with the kitchen because, after the renovation, it appeared that the furniture had changed too. The reworking of the doors and the kitchen cabinets marks the difference between the dining room and the living room, because, now that the dinner room area is used as a restaurant, for example, Ms. Haue was surprised by the spaciousness and the connection between interior and exterior design and painting.

My clients, my biggest source of inspiration, needed to create a spectacular décor for Memorial Day as a combination of drawing and play. An impressive table and bench with military theme and decorations were made by R. Salmón. His painting of steel and metal brought with it a sense of industrialism while all those original paintings like “Living on the Carpe wood” or “Triangulum” by Walto Bancores would be more appropriate for a more rustic décor theme. Overall, the result is simple but just: perfect.{pics 1 and 2}