Everyone wants to have a theater in their home, either from an actual theatre at the world major dom and you either miss it or you really like it. In this case the playhouse that was designed by Enzo Berti for a theater house was opened to the public and it turned out to be the perfect place for a film series. It is located in Paris, France and it was created specially for someone who also has a theatre house.

The idea was to design a building inspired by saw- through lanterns and that has a modern aspect, yet with an old, mysterious touch. The building is elevated above ground and it resembles a big dark tunnel, literally suggesting that being here is being welcomed here into a dark, protective tunnel. The theater is part of an artist’s loft that was refurbished and turned into this elegant and classy space. The curtains cover the part of the wall that has them off, creating a 3D illusion that is actually the wall of the screen.

The room is not all black and white, especially the parts that are smaller to be more subtle. The grey TV unit is a nice addition to the room, where you can place an LCD desk chair for example.

The double height sliding doors that are present all around the room offer privacy and simple, elegant, but also fragile, as well as sculptural, contrast attractive shapes. In a way you combine playful elements with traditional elements like the framed painting displayed above one of the walls, the beautiful armchair and even the sitting area that has a similar design. Nice touches like the beautiful blue chairs, the contrasting dark flooring and the unusual shape of the two armchairs seem to spice up the atmosphere.

Living Room Theatres Portland Oregon House Photo 4