It’s a very big and impressive house, more than just the number of floors. Actually the place seems exaggerated and not even a castle. Designed by BKK Architects Inc. Singapore this place is very impressive as it is, not only from the outside but from the inside. But, even so, it still looks like a traditional home. Here the designer pays special attention to details and, even though he wasn’t paid to work on this project, he impresses on several levels and all his work is worthy.

It’s impressing and not very hard to understand either. It’s a very large home, with plenty of rooms and all sorts of used areas. So imagine the things you can do to fit this new structure without problems. For example you could take this structure with two courtyards. Each room is a space for sleeping, for relaxation, for watching the TV and for relaxing. It’s a nice place for flexible meetings.

And the whole house looks very distinguished and is warm, with big and beautiful furniture pieces. There’s a certain rusticity in the design that makes it perfect for a sophisticated and contemporary home. With square meters divided into several levels, the house also has a sophisticated interior design. It’s simple but it’s also elegant and stylish. The living room has a glass extension that provides lots of natural light as well as a nice view of the courtyard. There’s also another room just over the dining room in case the room wasn’t large enough. This room can also be sued as a bedroom. The house features beautiful master bedrooms and a rooftop deck that provide you with beautiful views and a very pleasant space to spend at.

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