Comfort, beauty and serenity are things that we all admire when we’re on vacation or when we just want to enjoy our life together but the room theaters are not usually the ones that get to match our taste. It’s a piece of furniture I have seen a lot lately that I really like. It’s called Boca Ratonette and it was a project by Bavia hacku Candida Cucine. The main goal was to create a room theater for elderly people, something that could be put together at home, in a living room or a club and that could also be used for anything else. Like this study/gallery room.

The room consists of two large drawers used functionally as a space for storing all the art collection. Also, the room is decorated with a space-saver chair in bright accent colors, also featuring paintings on the walls. The presence of a ceiling beam made of stainless steel is not seen as an unusual thing but it creates a nice visual effect. The space can be accessed via a high and very solid steps that separate the different areas. The wall that separates the living room from the bedroom has also a built-in fireplace. The room can be converted to a second sleeping area or it can simply be an open space.

Living Room Theaters Boca Ratonette, Demand For Which Started From €800 Photo 2