Every now and then, the desire to do something fun for your guests is reflected in some really cool and inspiring projects. One such example is a series of living room theater rooms that you could actually build yourself if you wanted. It’s a concept that anyone can successfully adapt to. This modern masterpiece could serve as a meeting room or just an extra room in general.

The Goforth Sound booth was designed by unrehomme. The design of the bar is very beautiful and the ceiling is also eye-catching, being reminiscent of a high-style theatre from the 1930s. Given the fact that the bar is a multifunctional space, this posed some challenges during the design and manufacture process. For example, details such as the wireframe lights, the wood planking on walls and also all the upholstery draping were all designed by Hønder?s designers.

Also, the space was planned for entertainment classes and courses, hotel offices and even a movie theatre. Each living room and kitchen area is planned to be used by its owner , a professional chef. Moreover, the tables, cabinets and chairs are all custom designed by Hønder and each have their own characteristics and style.

The ceiling lights were custom designed for each single room. Hallways and foyers can be used for guests and bedrooms, living rooms can be hallways or lounge areas and then there are the bathrooms. The living area can be opened to the center of the home or can be closed. It can also have multiple living room floor plan colors. The custom furniture was created by Hønder and each of the individual elements were designed by the owners as a whole. The style chosen for each piece is eclectic and unusual and the overall look is fresh and refined.