When designing or decorating a living room, usually the focus is on the big things, the big event that you’re referring to. But if you want your living room to have character then you need to pay special attention to details. It might not have all the fancy pieces like a fireplace for example so it needs to have a more organic shape. However, if you manage to find a way that helps you achieve that goal then the result is spectacular.

For the living room, one way of introducing color is with a colorful sofa or armchairs. If the room is small, one more thing to put in that you can include in your design. But you don’t necessarily need a sofa or a couch to make it look great. Some armchairs are just enough. They don’t need too many colors or patterns. In fact, one just has to match the sofa to the rest of the furniture in the room. It’s all about the way you arrange everything.

Go for stripes. That’s a popular pattern for the living room. It has never been a better option than in the case of the bedroom. The classy and timeless look is guaranteed to make anyone or even a bit nostalgic. For striped walls, you can have the furniture look like a striped room no matter how simple and classical the décor is.

Don’t be afraid to pick any colors. We have selected a few examples that should help you distinguish your style from the others.

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Now that you know a little more about your style, you can really start considering adding your favorite colors to your living room décor. For example, if you love blue, you can add some turquoise, a little aqua and maybe also brown. However, it’s best to choose the neutral color and avoid striking an equilibrated image. You don’t want to create a too-cold-like ambiance so choose wisely.

White is often paired with wood, seeing how warm it is, so white can also be the main color. It’s also often paired or used as the complementary color, creating a more neutral and simple décor.

Sometimes wood can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. When the coldness of the wooden floors contrasts with the warmth of the white walls, for example, opt for wood flooring. This would provide a very warm and cozy feeling.

Another possibility is to use wood furniture. For example, use brown or brown and paint furniture in combination of beige and black or of brown and combine them with wood. Then there’s also the option of taking away from the simple and airy room, to use a warm rug or to actually use light wooden furniture.

Another interesting idea would be to opt for a wall unit that includes storage or, even better, display everything. Use shelves, boxes, storage compartments and built-in furniture. The wall unit can be an extension of the coffee table. It can match the wall unit in the living room or it can be a clever way of separating the zone.

If you prefer bigger spaces or, even better, than one with multiple levels, that don’t all belong in one huge room then a hallway with platforms and nothing more. As big as individual rooms are, a hall needs a large central living space that can also include a dining space.

If a home office or other work space can’t offer floor space and you want to avoid being too transparent about it, a small hallway could be the best place for it. You should say that you don’t need a lot of space and you don’t have to spend a lot of money either. But you should also consider the visual impact. A glass wall is beautiful even for a part of the room that doesn’t usually have windows.

Modern homes have a very spacious and airy feel. They feature large open floor plans and all sorts of creative and unconventional furniture pieces. For example, a display unit or a console table would perfectly in that situation. A media unit with built-in storage would be useful if you want to free up floor space and floor space is still not enough.

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