The idea behind this project was very clever and simple. Basically the owners wanted to obtain a practical and attractive living room- theater where they could entertain their friends and where the owners could relax. The idea was to place the sofa and the lounge chairs in the same room, which basically created two flexible, large spaces.

The two functions of the living room are covered with panels, each of them having different angles so that they can be easily partitioned into different sections. The panels also contrast with the light tones of the wood. The front of the sofa becomes part of a green screen that can also serve as an extra light source and as a decorative element, being able to complete the wall design of the living room.

Living Room Theater Portland Oregon Showtimes Photo 3

The two zones are quite separated. The two bedrooms are placed near one another and they are separated by a similar system. The transition is smooth but there are differences. The masterboard has a light scale for the TV and the fireplace shares the same scale as the wall unit. In one of the bedrooms the wall unit is placed next to the fireplace. In the living room the floor is grey, in a modern touch.

Living Room Theater Portland Oregon Showtimes Photo 4

The design of the bedrooms is very simple. The long and narrow living room is quite small but its owners and the chef manage to enjoy it. The living room is connected to the dining area by a partial dropped ceiling. You might think it’s a low piece of furniture but it hides a really cool feature. It features built-in shelves for storage but it also comes with a ceiling fan that gives it a romantic feel.