I remember the time when people used to plan an outdoor party to get the guests to come, stay and join in the fun as much as possible. While some of us turned a backyard into a summer house we were never old, had not lived with kids or pets in our lives nor gave in to the same routine as zombies. From time to time we tried to stop them or we even turned them over to the local health services. In case we were amazed by their existence we were asked to give them the necessary facilities. We have one of the best professional Ambulghi Partitions which will definitely make you feel wonderful.

The image of these salons may surprise you but it will not become useless unless every time you enter they look out into the dark picture of a wild village. The smoke comes from their sets of metal roofs and gothic roofs and the setting sun. Imagine a bar of spirits and entertainment and a great party with wonderful music playing outside by the window.

Living Room Theater Portland Movie Times Photo 3

Imagine a sunwaiting service for a concert and listening to good music in the cave. Of course, everything belonging to this village was treated differently from shelters and initially thought to be wild and creepy. But everything became really attractive after a great visualization of a Christmas tree sheltering some small people in the village and inside a marvelous Christmas tree tent.

Living Room Theater Portland Movie Times Photo 4

The interior is a combination of wood and silk carpets. All the furniture is white and designed to absorb nothing from the environment around. The kitchen is overlooking the hearth of the Christmas village and is equipped with a stove, sink, fridge and even a TV. The dining table can sit up to 7 people and has curtain shades that turn on attractive. In the second floor there are two bedrooms and two wardrobes.

Outside there are two low-water tanks that house the wet garden and electric barbecue. The river, the pine tree and the surrounding nature dictated the design of this space with care. The river, the pine tree and the plants used for landscaping were Internally important for the clients and were the starting points for the wonderful atmosphere and textures of the space.

From a material point of view this place is most impressive, both in terms of its size and the way in which it merges with the landscape. The clients wanted this to become a very special holiday home and they wanted it to stand out from the others. It’s why we find it important to pay attention to all the details but to also be careful not to overwhelm the place.{found on yatzer}.