Located in Starkous Beach, Australia, this amazing home was designed by Apollo Architects. It’s a very beautiful and modern house that features a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom, as well as the outdoor areas. The house is very beautiful and elegant but the interior design is not the only important element that makes it special. It’s the parquet flooring that continues to the roof and not only because of the glass walls, but also because of all the beautiful tree leaves from the outside world that have been preserved. It’s a very relaxing and pleasant space, perfect for relaxation or just spending some quality time with friends.

The house is very beautiful and elegant, airy and not overly decorated. It’s a place perfect for relaxation and intimacy. The patio is enclosed in glass and this allows it be very open and bright. The interior is also elegant and stylish, with beautiful details and finishes. The dining room features an impressive pedestal table made of steel and tulipwood chairs.

The living room is connected to the patio and the kitchen is situated in a separate room. This room is almost entirely white. It has hardwood floors and wooden cabinets and furniture, plus a set of black chairs placed in a corner where they create a chic and pleasant mood. The bedroom is cozy and inviting and it has a sliding bed that stands out on black painted wooden flooring. The bathrooms are elegant and elegant as well. They feature ceramic tiles and modern amenities and amenities.{found on request}

Living Room Theater Kansas City Residence By Apollo Architects Photo 3