This strange and intriguing room is the result of a project developed in collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli Associati. The owners requested a space with lots of natural light and with direct sunlight in the décor. The designers came up with the deconstructed B&B House, a project that involved a ground floor penthouse, a sauna and a 5-meter glass extension on the upper floor.

The renovation was completed in 2011 and it involved both the renovation and the extension project. The owners benefit from extensive exposure to natural light as well as from the direct light of the sun. They wanted there to be a space that would be able to feel harmonious and pleasant when apart from the main house. The renovation was also voluminous and it involved both the roofing and the walls.

The house got new windows, new concrete slabs and also new steel doors and the result was a very welcoming and relaxing interior. The sloping ceilings give the house a casual look while the white walls add warmth to the space and they also allow it to feel inviting. In a way, the renovation was also a major project and it aimed at improving the sustainable nature of the house.

One of the major changes was the fact that the house had to be relocated. This happened during the construction of the house. The client didn’t have a specific plan and a specific location in mind for this project. This meant that everything had to be a lot easier. However, it also meant that a redesign should take place first and tailor-made everything had to function as planned.

One of the major changes that had to be made was the stappiness and reduced of all the materials from the floor. This had to be done quickly. All the wood was treated with white vinegar and water, the floor had to be restored and all the carpets and rugs had to be painted white as well. The whole house lost its charm as much as did the house itself. When taking a look at the owners’ preferences and style, it was like they soon had something new to take over.{pics by Garry}.