When you travel somewhere, you need a place where you can sit comfortably and relax while watching TV, maybe find a nice book or listen to some music when you do all these things. In order to achieve that look you need a table or a set of table stands where you can place whatever you want on the table, whatever you want to use as a coffee table, a place where you can keep your remote control, a refrigerator, a TV and lots of other things that usually need to be on it. That table is usually the stand and the table is a must-have in any living room.

The designer of this stand is Ricardo Baehler and he proved very creative indeed. Not only the design is original and very innovative, but the materials used for the project proved to be very useful too. As the designer declared, the stand and the table are inspired from the railway road, so they are a very appropriate choice if you want to travel in the countryside and get the effect of relaxing in the city. The legs of the table are made of steel and covered with leather.

And if the already been presented features are impressive, than the best case is the one showing you the ottoman and the table on the left side. These ottomans have an ample seating space and the only thing that is difficult for a normal person to do is sitting on a chair. But that is because every person has a special place for a chair and their level of comfort is very important, too. You just have to find the appropriate place you want to use. Though the idea is original, it is only possible and it is only possible if you really study the pictures and try to see what is possible to do it. The result is amazing.