If you’re getting tired of the rustic decor or if you’re just looking for a new color, then we have a few simple yet effective ideas for you. Each one can serve as a source of inspiration and you can easily mix it with other contemporary or romantic elements. We’ve prepared a series of stone wall ideas to help you along the way.

This is a beautiful stone wall with a very clean and simple look. The accent wall is the focal point of the living room. A very important feature here is the fireplace. It’s an absolutely necessary element here and it’s placed in the center, at the base of the wall.

There are a lot of great places where you can have a fire pit. In this case, the fireplace is in the corner. The corner it’s a great feature for summer entertaining areas. You can also include the terrace. Make sure you place the fire pit in a secure area. Also, choose a spot in the wall which can really help you during the summer. Make sure the fire pit is not too hot.

Living Room Stone Wall Ideas To Bring Your Decor Over The Edge Photo 3

It’s a common practice to have a fire pit placed under the bed. Regardless of the location, the bed will help create a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to have one custom-made, one that looks like the one your bedroom is equipped with, whether that means using more wood, more metal or bricks.

Here’s another beautiful example featuring a fire pit wall. It’s a very interesting and ingenious way of creating a focal point for the room. The wall can be your main focal point, preferably in the living room. You can place the fireplace anywhere you want.

If you’re the type that likes to create long and rich romantic moments during the day you might enjoy creating a wall of stones in your living room. Just take a few small stones and use them to create a wall that fades into the background.

It’s important to create some color in the room. This wall featured is very beautiful and it’s quite beautiful in the dark than the ones seen earlier. It’s a beautiful backdrop with candles and it creates a very romantic and intimate atmosphere.

A stone wall can be an accent wall, particularly one that you can place in an area such as the kitchen. You can complement it with a few other accent features such as fresh plants for example. The texture and texture and the color of the stones can also help with that.

A mural is often a great way of showing new and creative patterns. You can display an interesting pattern of stone on a wall in order to create a focal point. Use strong and vibrant colors such as the one featured here.

Paint or wallpaper the entire wall and then place the stone statue strategically. It will stand out and, if you want to take it in a more friendly direction, use repetitive geometric patterns or contrasting colors.