This is a very welcoming apartment with an impressive under floor measuring 500 sq ft. The apartment belongs to Sarah Sherman Samuel and her husband Marcus H. Klingros. It’s a one-bedroom space with a modern and functional interior. The large living room that benefits the entire building is also an example of how an over sized home can look like. But this small room is not the only one. The apartment covers a total area of 437 square feet. It’s a tiny space and it’s quite beautiful even without all the furniture and colorful.

The focal point of the living room is surely the coffee table. It has a simple design with three simple wheels. This is also visible on the wall where it provides easy access to the sofa. But since it’s so small, the coffee table had to be placed against the window. The living room is not exactly spacious. It also includes only one small side table and a few simple and functional stools. The furniture is mostly white so it didn’t look crowded. However, it does form a gloomy, cold atmosphere. The only colorful items are the two chairs that almost anyone could use as seats or the lamps that can go with it depending on the occasion.

Living Room Set Under 500 Sq Ft In San Francisco Photo 2

This is a very bright, simple, stylish and modern apartment. It’s simple and quite functional as well. It’s a very thankful owner who enjoys sharing his passion with all his friends. He is very attentive to details inside the apartment and he manages to make it appealing and attractive for everyone.

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