This unusually striking restaurant is situated in east hampton, in the Lower East Side of Denver, in the Denver neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. It was a project by Altius Architecture. The team managed to turn an old industrial building into a modern restaurant that also reflects the owners’ family’s style. The building was a 50’s warehouse and now has been renovated with modern purpose and new design.

The restaurant is open until 70 years old and most portions are for residential use. It features high ceilings and modern amenities, not to mention that they were remodeled drastically, no new plumbing and electricity, solar panels, a new art collection and field equipment.

The restaurant features stainless steel kitchen fixtures, a large ceiling beam and an industrial loft piano. It’s not the most extravagant restaurant you can find there but it’s an interesting one that provides a unique experience to those who have to wait really hard. The wait certainly pays off.{found on maximempire}.

Living Room Restaurant East Hampton Photo 3

Living Room Restaurant East Hampton Photo 4