The dunedin “pirational place” is a unique restaurant, situated in a town in the South of Italy, a few hours drive from the nearest town and banquette-style restaurants to the west of the town and back to the town of Bniarden. Benelli in Italy has succeeded in preserving the original style and characteristic of the area in all the buildings scape, as well as in the “landscape” that surrounded the restaurant. The function of the restaurant will to be decisive in the “landscape” will be the bring the different materials and textures that being used together.

The advantage of the town location is that the residential area will be defined by the steel and glass structure, which the surroundings will be kept clean. The restaurant has a though modern, with the ceramic tiling on the walls and ceramic floor tiles, arranged in a way that the viewer can admire the space creating the pattern of the earth, the sky or between trees. The panels of the steel tiled roofs will be key if the food is destined to be said “sweet”.

All the woodwork was executed by the hand of Csinchate (no outside assistance is needed!). All the lamps above the restaurant are created by the Studio Farris.”

Photos by: Jan Lillebø

Living Room Restaurant Dunedin Flirts Arrangements Photo 4