This is the living room restaurant and lounge. It was a project by Bureau de change. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this place was designed for multiple-family as it has a total surface of 1,800 square feet. It’s a quite large place even though it’s minimalist. The main idea was to create a place where the two of them could cook together and that was the theme that we’re going to use. The restaurant has all the needed facilities for the two of the family members. However, there was one detail that probably influenced the designers as well. That’s the fact that the first owners were a very organized family with children. They had a large collection of DVDs and they also needed a large space where they could keep the DVDs and the large hot air balloon, the entertainment center.

As a result, the designers had a very original plan. They wanted to create a special area where the Charles and Ray Charless would all meet to be together. They also wanted to include a sitting room, a library and a music room. The special space was created by District Eight. They all have large windows that allow natural light to invade the whole space. However, they wanted to recreate Charles’s dream kitchen. So the kitchen has been enlarged and it now features an industrial-chic look. The double sinks and ovens have been customized. They are very practical and functional and the kitchen also got a work space and modern amenities.

Living Room Restaurant And Lounge With Panoramic Views Of The City Photo 2

As for the rest of the penthouse, the living room is spacious and it features a zen-like décor. It’s a very inviting place to spend time in with friends and family. It’s also a very relaxing and inviting room. One of the most impressive features is the dining room that is actually a huge open space. It’s a space that can accommodate both families. It’s also a shared space where the parents are Mongolian and the children are American.{found on nytimes}.