This funny sofa has been dubbed “The Kirk crewman”. It’s one of his inexpensive creations and one of the reasons why it’s such an interesting piece of furniture. It got his first introduction at ICFF in 2009, so it’s interesting to see what he brought from New York City and what he managed to do with such a furniture collection.Kirkahl Herman, the designer who has now decided to move to Los Angeles, was bought by Iconic Hollywood names like Bob Sheen, Earl of Hairston,Michael strapel and Acevedo and now he decided to design this sofa.

It’s a durable piece of furniture that can successfully become a part of any living room. It’s not a piece that was designed to last forever as opposed to the ‘before” photos. It’s a piece of furniture that is ready to adapt to a long gone era. It would look just how it should be. In fact, it looks like it belongs in that place now.You can buy it for $3,000.