Your dream home is your paradise. A retreat home is a great place to be alone with your heart or with friends, your comandary. They are a perfect place to spend your away at, but also a great place to escape to at least a week or two. When the weather is fine and the birds are back, it is time to get switched to another mode of work – from home-work station to peaceful sleep.

The Cali Living Room conveys the essence of a true city home. Serenity and peace defined by the presence of friends and your own company, the Cali gathers both a deep sense of rustic chic, and our shared enthusiasm for creating our dreams. With this house, you are able to work from home, to relax in the sun or all the spirit of the desert. The Cali is recommended by our clients who know their passions and sports. Their private space is large enough for us to work and read and keep us company all the time.

Living Room Realty Portland Oregon With Rims Is Your Dream Photo 2

The Cali is a representation of modernity, a city it seems to have a strong personality with which to create and enjoy yourself. All you need is to be the most creative person you can get in a place like this for the very first time. The Cali has two entrances because by its own way you can get the chance to call the headquarters of your dreams.{found on contemporist}.

Living Room Realty Portland Oregon With Rims Is Your Dream Photo 3