Here is the year that was spent with a family in a house of flats, with 60years and seven rooms. The house was built in 1979 and has been renovated and transformed over the years by one of the richest women in modern interior design – Patricia Urquiola.

Comfortable, tasteful and warm, the rooms of this house are breath taking. I found all over her house, even in the bathroom. She combined warm colours with a high softness in order to get a relaxing ambiance. I hope her house will be completed soon. Until then, let’s take a look at her new house, simple, but effective.

Living Room Paint Colors For 2015-16 Photo 2

Patricia Urquiola has been one of the few designers who declared their “bold colors”. Well, this year the Barcelona high office gave us the chance to take a look at their brilliant choice of Muruita bathroom suite. The name of the line is “M113” and it comes from the cereal which represents marine meat, hence the name of the line.

The woman chose blue — fresh on the skin and very delicate with the perfect amount of contours. The nuances of cream and light blue subtly highlight the body while the strong cream selection above the tub makes for a cooling and comfortable experience. Behind these velvety soft shades there is the Sonita sink, also from the same collection.

With a surface that’s big enough to house a king size bed, the bathroom looks surprisingly spacious. The minimalist design allows it to look more imposing and comfortable.For bathrooms like this one prepare two large vanities with open spaces over the vanity. A long brass pull-out vanity can also be purchased next to the toilet.

For powder rooms keep things simple. A deep vanity with a German black counter and backsplash would look perfect in a bathroom. Update all the bathroom elements to the new classy style. Fill your washing machine, toilet and sink with warm water and store clean towels up the same way.{found on site}.

Bathrooms should be practical places and there are a lot of models and designs to choose from .. However, the basic rectangle is always beautiful. So try to narrow it down to your own specifications. Decide on a shape, a border and some geometrical lines. Insert a countertop mechanism, maybe with a shelf or a set of hooks or a storage shelf underneath.{found on thedesignpractice}.

When choosing a color, the shape is also very important. The bathroom is not usually recommended to use that color in the room’s interior design. Still, you can create a very nice color contrast by combining similar colors and shades or with different finishes, textures and with a different type of storage systems.

Don’t be afraid to experiment colors or materials. When choosing a color you can’t really ignore expectations. So you may want to consider a combination of warm colors such as peach or beige. These colors can be combined in numerous different ways such as for a contrast of colors, for moods.{found on diyshowoff}.

The whole idea is to play with different textures and finishes and to avoid strong colors. For example, you can use a transparent acrylic paint for the walls without varnishing them. This way the contrasts will be small but powerful.{found on walkoutdesignblog}.

The lighting in the bathroom doesn’t have to be very complex in order to look beautiful. In fact, in these pictures you can see how a series of large pendant lamps can truly change the look of the room.{found on mydesigningsolutions}.

But whatever your strategy may be, take everything into consideration when choosing the color. Make sure it reflects the style you have for the bathroom. If you want the room to have an edgy and playful feel, use metallic colors.