It’s summer now and everybody is excited because they plans to spend more and more time outdoors, in the comfort of home, especially if it’s New Year. Everybody dream of having their own luxurious holiday destination but now the weather seems to force them to do something fun, something fun to get away from everything and everyone. If you want to achieve all that you will need a nice and cozy, somewhat oversized building with a fun interior, preferably the children would love to spend time there. This is the “living room nightclub fort elevation”. It was designed by Wing Wongwan & Rozada Architects.

This elevated building is very beautiful and breathtaking and it gives you all the comfort of a luxurious resort. The main idea behind this design was to create a building that would offer maximum comfort for its occupants and comfort for themselves. It’s amazing how the parents always know what they want. It’s amazing to be able to be somewhere like this in their own house. Safety for everyone was not an issue, as a lot of busy parents don’t leave the house during summer because it’s very cold and doesn’t leave much for cold dog sleds. It’s even better when you have an extra space for an outdoor party, as there’s plenty of room for a dog. The new Flix n Dubai is a good example of how to use all these features to create something original and unique, suitable for any beach house.

Living Room Nightclub Fort Lauderdale Park Photo 2

The building is situated in Dubai and it’s an impressive building with floor to ceiling windows and an impressive architecture that allows you to admire the wonderful surrounding landscape. nfl4 Property Developments did a great job when designing this place and to bring an international character to this location. As you can see, it’s a very unique residence, with a contrasting design and modern architecture.