I spend a lot of time at home, mostly during leisure. It’s almost accepted by many people that this is the place where I spend all my free time. However, there’s a special reason why I have to stay at home: to enjoy some quality time spent with my family. And at times I find I prefer that the whole family stay home and we just go around and get bored. I wish I could just stay in a very simple house like this, where I would have plenty of space and where I could also change the interior décor.

Here are some pictures of the Secret Room, a boca Raton hotel created by South African designer Bilbao Tamri, called Black House. The project was inspired by the local architecture that defined certain houses, and this way the designer managed to take advantage of the location, the views and the landscape, building a house with a modern, simple and functional interior, with high ceilings near the house. The house seems to be integrated somewhere higher, in the structure of the roof. The windows seem to give a star shape, in the same time reflecting the structure of the ceiling. I find this unusual, yet very interesting structure very interesting.

The Secret Room is more than just a simple room; I find it interesting and interesting and useful, too. It’s a space where you can spend some time with your family and also you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and maybe read a good book. It has all these bookcases sort of a protective shield that can shield you from all the noise and preconceived ideas that you may have. If you have a direct line of the house, this modern, comfy and warm space will still feel that you are in a private corner of heaven.

Living Room Movie Theater Boca Raton Florida Do Conde Photo 3

Living Room Movie Theater Boca Raton Florida Do Conde Photo 4