In the quiet and quiet little suburbs of Bergen, in the South of Norway, lies this charming little sanctuary that can only be described as a “home.” Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, as they call it, call it—the home of Anders Johansson, architect Johanna De Que and her architect ChildrensArt studio, and their th exit to the north of Oslo. Here, on a narrow island in the country’s Northern Limestone coast, it is a low, wide, and even austere space; rather grand, standing upon a stone plinth and flanked by a row of trees, the entire residence sits directly on the wooded crest of an arid mountain range. By designing the home to blend into the landscape, boundary-free, the architect only required a few strategic design decisions to make the right impact. Note that three of four pots required by the practice were actually put onto a large portion of the lot prior to building. This allows the terrace deck, which holds a large glass patio, to be sunny and colored, perfect for the home. Note that it’s quite difficult to have a playground within reach of the water.

The home’s architecture and features, such as the public areas and two floors with multiple levels, are centered around a lightweight and permeable plastered pierced by two vertical timber elements.

The plastered exterior walls slide open and out of the way, creating a breeze that flows through the dwelling.

Living-room Matsunaga-sanctuary By Tham & Videgård Arkitekter Photo 3

The deck and terrace areas are accessed by its long edge, providing unobstructed view and an outdoor space area in the grey glazing, all the while creating direct contact with nature.

The main level stair, which leads to the lower level at this level contains one full flight of stairs to the social upstairs bedrooms. Underneath the loft-like level of the lower level, private spaces are located on the top two floors.

From the roof deck, the views are not overwhelming thanks to the carefully manicured gardens and decks that are located at all three levels, creating a sense of connectivity to nature that is enhanced by the close proximity to the home’s pool on the main entrance.

By night, the home glows from its humble abode, its glittering lights spilling through outdoor living spaces that boast rich outdoor hues and warmth, contrasting against the dancing waves and the sand and the setting near-by.

Indoors, below the terrace, each and every interior room of the home enjoys natural light through its glass walls, bathed in the natural light and sparkling, modern interiors. Upstairs, the house’s private spaces form elongated hall-ways, tucked out of sight but lending out a private view to those inside.
First floor:


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Second floor:

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