This cozy and relaxing piece of furniture was designed by Swedish designer Martine Brooks for Martine, the home brand of Danish Plus. It was a project that also included interior additions. This is a very stylish lounge sofa that was a limited production. It was not put on the tables but hung on the wall. The Brooks & Company took their creation into consideration and they created this custom-made circular leather sofa with a very stylish and distinctive shape.

It’s actually a very interesting hybrid piece that combines the best of both worlds. It’s a modern piece of furniture with a classic design. The contrast is very strong. The sofa has a round backrest that curves and forms the armrests. The arms and backrests are made from a material very different from the frame of the sofa. This makes the sofa very different and it also contributes to the unique style that it also features.

The Brooks & Company name is a very appropriate name for this particular piece of furniture. It’s both functional and stylish so it fits great in a modern or contemporary décor and would make a great addition in a more traditional or vintage type of home. However, the overall image of the sofa is not the best choice. The name is a very good choice, as it combines feminineism and elegance. The design is simple and stylish and every little piece of furniture needs to have character. In this case, the high back, elegant and soft, covered with leather, the high backrest and also the nailhead trims are the perfect combination of materials and finishes.

Living Room Lounge Brooklyn Nyew River Sofa By Martine Brooks Photo 4

Living Room Lounge Brooklyn Nyew River Sofa By Martine Brooks Photo 5